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♥My PLKN Story♥
Friday, 28 March 2014 | 18:43 | 0 S:Saranghae Talking//
Assalamualaikum and holla everyone. :))

As of 18 March 2014, I have finally completed my National Service program. Gone through thick and thin, litres of sweat had perspired my body and endured various forms of verbal abuse(not really that bad) to be finally here writing my blog and enjoying my life. Hooorrrraaayyyy~

This is a post dedicated as a personal record of my experience going through Program Latihan Khidmat Negara(PLKN) for about 2 month and half. I put as much as I recall into this, so any mistakes are forgiven(pleaseee...). For Non-Malaysian are welcome to reas as well for own interest(are there any non-malaysian read this? :p).

The first thing that popped into my mind when i received the letter was “Shit, I don’t want to go there. I want to find a job.” That what i think. I never though that I’ll be chosen because I really don’t want to go. I wants or not, I still need to go there. Except......:

I need to pay RM3K++


I want to sleep in jail for about 3 months.

So I rather choose to join the camp. And the next thing that poped into my mind is “What should I bring?" And here the list of items that I bring to PLKN.


1. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, shampoo, body wash, washing powder and plastic brush.

2. Towel- In the letter, they said 'towel is provided' so I didn't bring it. When I reached there, the towel was given on the next day and the towel is not a very water absorbent. I can't stand using the towel so I just used 'kain batik' or 'sarung'. 

3. Face wash- For a 'beautiful face'.

4. Pail- Also 'provided' by the PLKN. But when I went there, I need to buy it with RM3.++. Used to wash clothes and to splash water to unsuspect victim (more to birthday girl).


1. Pyjamas- Typical one is not recommended. Just wear long pant and t-shirt due to cold reasons at night. Besides, you just can wear short pant and singlet.

2. Long pants- During riadah time or free time when you feel like running.

3. T-shirts- Just something to wear other than PLKN-issued one. Just the old one, so you won't cry if they're missing (stole by the monkeys).

4. Few pairs of socks- As back up in case PLKN-issued socks is unusable or unwashed.

5. Tudung or hijab- It a must for a Muslim women.


1. Padlock
2. Slippers
3. Nail clippers
4. Water bottle
5. Cell phone- The only way of reaching the outside world :P. Over there I saw a girl with her iPhone while others used the 'very-old' one(the one without much colour and limited function). And a few of them use touch screen ones now.
6. Sunblock - If you don't mind to come back home like an Indian, so you don't need that.

Gotten ready for the first day(5Jan) and waited at Dataran Dato Sheikh Ahmad where PLKN-rented buses were ready to send the trainees to their camps. Had to queue and register at a counter. There were 3 counters, one for different camps. After grueling 20 minute waits, I finally boarded the bus. On our way, a trainer gave us RM10 (I'm not sure if its part of the RM150 allowance they promised but I guess it's not). I reached at Gua Kelam the place where we need to ride bus. I finally reached my designated camp(Kem PLKN TAsik Meranti) which is located very deep in the jungle surrounded by mountains and hills located somewhere in Perlis.

Once there, we were ordered to put our belongings on the floor at marching field. Here a spot-check was done. Some items that cannot be brings were kept by the trainer untill the last day.


1. Any sharp object with lethal potential- Nail clipper is included.

2. Cigarettes- Obviously.

3. Clothing that 'poke-eyes'- Malaysian should know why XD

4. Non-halal items- alcohol and pork are seriously included.

5. Medicine

We registered and handed in required documents. Here we were given our designated company (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta- I got Alpha) and dorms. There are 7 dorms for boys and girls each (Dorm A, Dorm B, Dorm C, Dorm D, Dorm A+B, Dorm C+D and Dorm A+B+C+D). Next, we were ordered to take our lunch because it was already lunch time.

Then, they directed us to pickup our PLKN-issued items(they weigh a ton).


1. Pillow case, bed sheet, blanket and 'kelambu'(I don't know what it called in English).

2. Sport outfit, class outfit and celoreng outfit(included inner loreng)- 2 sets

3. Belt for class outfit and belt medan for celoreng outfit.

4. Cap and beret.

5. Sport shoes, class shoes and spike boot.

6. Shoes brush and black shoe polish.

At first week, we just get briefed from the activities we do to the rules and regulations of the camp. On the second day, all boys have to have their hairs shaved to about level 2 hair minimum. They all became abang botak(bald brothers) (btw, they all just look the same). The girls remained unshaved of course and there a few girls dyed hairs but they just let them be.

CB(Character Building) classes began on the fourth day(I got PK6 class). On the fifth day, here om it gets interesting, we were assigned to do KKJ(Kontrak Kita Janji or We Promise Contract) which is to form a company with our own flag design, rules, theme, war cry and the like. It took only 3 days to complete with total time expenditure of about 12 hours. The flag took the longest to complete. Prayer times are  fixed closed to weekend. (Muslim and Buddhist<chinese>-Fridays, Hindus- Saturdays, Christians and Buddhist<siamese>- Sundays). On weekends, there's almost no activities. Mostly meals times and nap times besides prayer times of course. Now here is important: On Sundays, A FAMILY VISITS ARE HELD.

CB classes in the morning. Next comes the one of the most important part of the camp activities- Performance by Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. Just to make it brief, Bravo won first followed by Alpha with different mark only 2 mark. But the flag design was won by my company: ALPHA.

it is AWESOME right?

Continuing on in the first month are mostly Character Building classes. In one class session, the teacher asked us to arm-wrestle against an opponent to win his or her candy(10 of them in total) but i was totally no match for the girl although her around my height. As time ran out, the teacher then said whoever wants to can give away their earned candy to sumbangan(donation, sort of). Some did so, the rest either didn't win any or keep the prize candies for themselves. Everyone was then instructed to do in groups according to what they did with the candies. Here's where I got lucky, the teacher said those who give to sumbangan which I did, are eligible to TAKE 30 CANDIES from a container filled with it. A bit of chaos ensured when about 8 people rushed to grab them. I had to wait a while for the commotion to cool off before I took my fair share of candy. I even gave a few to the girl who I beaten in the arm-wrestling match as a Thank You gift. :)

The next month, we were trained to do Kembara Halangan (Obstacle Course Training). A competition should be held but our Comandan had cancelled it due to Sun Stroke.